Because of the rounded nature, Dwarf Petunia looks beautiful as the solo plant star in this metal-trimmed contemporary garden bed. Because Dwarf Petunia is so hardy and easy to grow, why not consider using it in areas where you may want to hide a garden hose or plant some adorable garden sculpture. Consider using Dwarf Ruellia in conjunction with climbing plants at the base of a mailbox or column on your home. All rights reserved (c) 2019 Click here to see this fertilizer on Amazon. If the plant experience high sunlight during its blooming season which is from early spring to autumn than darker the shade of color it turns. 6,585 views. As for fertilizing, think about doing it once in the spring and once in later summer with a good quality controlled-release fertilizer for petunias. Because it’s so hardy, it handles the transplant very well. But no worries, once you pop this beauty in the ground and let the sun warm her face, she’ll spring into action for your garden. Ruellia brittoniana. Dwarf Mexican Petunia (Ruellia simplex Bonita™) - New and Unread Tree-Mails If you love the subtle beauty of a white flower, this plant is shipped singly in a 4″ pot. Then top it off with some good potting soil and water well. It has become a widespread invasive plant in Florida, where it was likely introduced as an ornamental before 1933. Ruellia Simplex. Its growth habit is much different than its parent plant, however. For two well-rooted Dwarf Ruellias in the softest pink, this pair may work for you. There are a lot of sprays available, which can be used to treat this problem in no time but if you are looking for an organic solution. It’s pretty amicable as far as moisture, tolerating some dry conditions, but it will need its feet wet if you want the most bloom for your buck. After the seeds are firmly placed inside the pot holes cover them up entirely with potting mix and water them gently and after few weeks they will be ready to be transplanted to a permanent location in your garden. Blends Beautifully With Other Blooming Plants, 9. Which can affect the overall health and growth of the plant. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Mexican-petunia (also known as Mexican bluebell or Britton’s petunia) is described as a “hardy perennial edging plant for flower beds and as colorful groundcovers.” Scientific names include Ruellia brittoniana, R. coerulea and R. tweediana, but taxonomists now use the name Ruellia simplex, which was the first name used to describe this species. Highly pest resistant. Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. If you are interested in adding a simple and yet elegant looking perennial flower to your garden, which requires a little bit of maintenance but adds a lot of elegance and grace. Dwarf Mexican Petunia. Answer: Neither Ruellia brittonianna (Mexican petunia) nor any other species of Ruellia appear in any of the following toxic plant databases: Poisonous Plants of … It’s a pretty simple concoction just take an empty glass of water and fill it up with water to about 1/3 and add a table spoon full of potting mix and rooting hormone and stirred it well and then place all the Stem cutting in the water mix. Then there are still plenty of options available to you. They last but one day. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The leaves have a somewhat grassy look, and flowers cluster around the center of each plant and attract butterflies. They are a low plant, reaching a maximum of 10″ in height and about the same amount of spread. Individual blooms are the size of quarters. With its grasslike leaves and sunny flowers, the mounded dwarf Petunia looks super along a city sidewalk. Germination will take place in 7-10 days. Also Known As: Dwarf Wild Petunia, Katie\'s Mexican Petunia, Katie\'s Dwarf Petunia Botanical Name: Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie' Plant Type: Perennial Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade Water Demand: Low, Medium Landscape Use: Border - Edge, Deer Resistant, Erosion Control, Salt Tolerant Ornamental Value: Purple, Pink, White Dwarf Mexican Petunia, or Ruellia brittoniana, and sometimes known as Dwarf Ruellia, is a hardy flowering ground cover. (And How Fast), Are Magnolia Tree Roots Invasive? One of the best thing (or worse thing depending on your situation) about Dwarf Mexican Petunia is that it’s a self-seeding plant and after every blooming season in Mid-Fall, it has seedpods burst opens and churn out seeds everywhere in its near proximity and for that reason it’s considered quite an invasive plant. 1. "I first observed Ruellia growing in the neglected space between a sidewalk and the street in San Antonio," said Dr. Wayne Mackay, Texas Agricultural Experiment Use As A Unique Walkway With Flagstone, 4. “Dwarf Mexican Petunia is a flowering perennial of a the “Acanthaceae” Family which includes plants such as Shrimp plant and Black Eyed Susan vine. Just ensure there is proper draining facility and the water does not stand in place for a long period of time otherwise, it may result in root rot or damage the root system of the plant. The wild, invasive form of this plant is so aggressive, it’s banned in some states, and it’s on a watch list of invasive plants in others. A post shared by H I R O M I (@hiromiian). Dwarf ruellia, as the name suggests, is a dwarf version of the classic Mexican petunia (Ruellia brittoniana). Dip the all the stem cutting in the water mix. It’s best to put the glass away from direct sunlight for about a week and new roots will start to form out of the bottom end of the stem cuttings. How to Grow and Care for Dwarf Mexican Petunia (Ruellia Brittoniana), Dwarf Mexican Petunia: Invasive or Non-Invasive, Pre-requisite for Growing Dwarf Mexican Petunia, Dietes Bicolor – How to Grow and Care for this African Beauty – | Lovely Home Gardens, How to Grow and Care for Gopher Plant (Euphorbia Rigida) – | Lovely Home Gardens, Tips to Grow and Care for Satin Flower (Clarkia Amoenea) – | Lovely Home Gardens, Astromelias – How to Grow and Care For This Exotic Flower, How to Grow and Care for Manuka Flower – | Lovely Home Gardens, How to Grow and Care for Ruby Loropetalum (Chinese Fringe Flower). Densely packed foliage makes this mounding groundcover shrub look and feel lush. It was introduced to Florida in the 1940s. Once it’s had a day or two to settle into its garden spot, fertilize. The wild form of Mexican petunia has the same flowers but grows tall and thin, up to four feet; it is famously invasive, overrunning other garden plants by the roots and escaping from yards into creekways. In a few weeks the seeds will start to develop roots and then it will be time to transplant in pots. But during winter or in places where temperature falls below 20 F. They start to wither and die in cold. But they are resistant to deer’s and other mammals. Updates and news about all categories will send to you. They do not require any fix watering schedule, watering it every other day will suffice, and the right amount of water is about 1-2 Liters of water. Like i have mentioned it before, Dwarf Mexican petunia is quite infamous for being a flowering perennial which is considered rather “Invasive” and for this reason they are not allowed to grow in some states such as Florida. Perfect For The Base Of A Column Or Mailbox, How Big Do Money Trees Get? Ruellia is a genus of flowering plants commonly known as ruellias or wild petunias. We’re so glad you stopped by to check out our post on Dwarf Mexican Petunias. Keep reading to learn more about growing ruellia. The flowers draw your eye away from any mechanical necessities hiding in your flower beds. So please continue reading! The leaves are similar in appearance to grass, and the pastel-colored flowers cluster at their centers. (And How To Remove Them), How to Integrate a Vertical Garden into a Retaining Wall, Timber Garden Edging [Ideas, Tips and Pictures]. A post shared by Lucy Sompie-Pakpahan (@lucysompie). It’s the perfect base for a climbing flowering vine. It adds a wonderful vibe to your garden as they produce delightful lavender flowers. They’ll fill in quickly over a garden season and will send off leggy shoots that may need to be cut back if you want to keep their mound-like appearance and keep them flowering. Even though Dwarf Mexican Petunia is a drought resistance plant and thrives in full exposure of the sun, it can also survive and sustain itself in the partial shade or slight colder regions but if the temperatures exceeds 25 degrees Farenheit, than it starts to becomes hardy and begins to wither and die. Dwarf Petunia has a lovely mounded quality that looks beautiful when planted along borders in your garden. And if you think you can control it --- well, you might want to think again. It has incredible eye appeal. Quickly fills in as a ground co Mexican Petunia (Ruellia brittoniana) – Growing and Care Information by Max - last update on December 9, 2020, 8:37 am Mexican petunias are a pretty flowering evergreen perennial that can be grown in containers, as shrub-like plants, or as ground cover . Dwarf Petunias are a perfect plant for both garden beds and containers indoors or out, as long as it has a bright sunny spot. There is still plenty of online options available to you. Plant database entry for Dwarf Mexican Petunia (Ruellia simplex Bonita™) with 2 images and 14 data details. Katie's Dwarf Mexican Petunia features showy lavender trumpet-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems from early spring to mid fall. There are a lot local cultivars who are growing this variety of Dwarf Mexican Petunia, but for some reason you are unable to do so. It prefers Full sun and that’s the reason it is grown in the USDA hardiness zones 8-11. They only tend to reach a maximum height of about 12 inches and spread of about 25 inches. A post shared by Pye Brown (@pyelovesplants). 19 Border Plants for The Walkway That Will Add Curb Appeal To Your Home, 15 Low-Growing Border Plants You Should Consider. This dwarf form of Mexican petunia was first noticed in a nursery in Conroe, TX and makes a hardy low groundcover for shaded areas. It is often used as a 'filler' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination, providing a mass of flowers and foliage against which the larger thriller plants stand out. This is an herbaceous evergreen houseplant with an upright spreading habit of growth. Sometimes, the Latin name for this plant is written as Ruellia simplex, which was the original name given to this plant when it was discovered in Cuba in 1870. USDA Zone? Here it provides a happy low cousin to its taller shrub counterparts. Thanks to its sweet purple flowers, however, we come down firmly on the pro-ruellia side of the debate. You may require a few tools before we can begin pruning the plant such a good quality pruner is a must have. Facts, Benefits & Uses of Dwarf … Dwarf Mexican Petunia do not require much watering as they are quite drought resistant plant but having said that, it will need occasional watering specially in places which does not receive adequate rain water. [And How to Prevent That], How Big Do Snake Plants Get? Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . Here, Dwarf Petunia has been planted between flagstones making a unique and beautiful garden border with stunning purple flowers. Plants are freshly dug on the day of shipping and packaged well to make the trek to your front door. The native is Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis subsp. Though not as invasive as its taller cousin, Dwarf Mexican Petunia will send out seeds that can wind up in your lawn or other spots in your garden. Select the a few healthy and well developed seedlings and place them inside a 12-inch Pot and fill the pot around 50% to it’s full capacity with potting mix. It’s worth the hustle, so do give this one a try and let us know in the comment section below. Dwarf Mexican Petunia is a fast grower and but unlike it’s other namesake Mexican petunia. This durable perennial makes a great border, groundcover, or … Katie Blue Dwarf Mexican Petunia is a lovely dwarf perennial that produces loads of bluish purple trumpet shaped flowers tucked in among the dark green glossy foliage from spring to frost on a compact low mounding plant. This well-behaved plant doesn’t spread like its larger sibling and is easy to keep within the borders of a well-mulched landscape bed. Dwarf Mexican Petunia Botanical Name: Ruellia brittoniana Height: 12″ Width: 12″ Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Performance: Perennial Bloom: Blue, Pink Ruellia’s low-growing, lance shaped foliage forms a lush compact mound with petunia-like flowers. They can be defeated in the home landscaping, but it takes a great deal of patience to knock them back. Occasionally, it experiences pests or diseases issues and the most commonly occurring pests and disease found in Dwarf Mexican Petunia are Spider mites and Mealy Bugs. Use It Around Garden Fixtures For Filler, 11. Dwarf forms are also available. Dwarf Mexican Petunia is a flowering perennial of a the “Acanthaceae” Family which includes plants such as Shrimp plant and Black Eyed Susan vine. Both of these are commonly found in purple, but you may also find white or pink varieties. The plant could not set from seed that is dividing from the rootball and herbaceous stem cuttings. We’ve linked a few below that we think are perfect. Its attractive crinkled narrow leaves remain dark green in color throughout the year. Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie' SKU. Katie’s Dwarf (blue) and Bonita (pink) both grow to be 8 to 10 inches tall, and they are not assertive in their growth and spread. The large, petunia-like blooms are backed by dense clumps of narrow, dark green foliage. It prefers Full sun and that’s the reason it is grown in the USDA hardiness zones 8-11. Besides having an abundance of flowers, it has green upward scaling leaves protruding out of it’s stem, they tend to be in dark green in color and approximately 4 inches in length. Spectacular, low–growing, heat–tolerant perennial with profusions of violet, light pink or white flowers. After you have trimmed the Stem now it’s time to make a clean cut 4-5 inches slightly below the node. Using Neem Oil and applying it to the infected areas of the plant is said to have wonderful healing effects and your Dwarf Mexican Petunia would be back to its original condition within few days. Mexican Petunia Mix (Ruellia Brittoniana Souther Star Mix) - Start these flower seeds for a southern perennial that provides color from late April through early October.Southern Star Mexican Petunia is low-growing and creates a perennial ground cover, or it can also grow in containers well. So, what is ruellia and can this Mexican native be cultivated in our own home garden landscape? As I have mentioned before Dwarf Mexican Petunia prefer full exposure of sun but and tend to thrive in warmer climates but they can also be grown in partial shade and mild cold regions and but most commonly grown in the USDA hardiness zone level 8 to 11.

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