Nellie barks at men whether at home or on a walk. She is very gentle at playing, loves meeting and playing with new people, and has never had any sort of aggression problem. By kick in the bum, I mean if he begins lunging at somebody or growling, take the foot on the opposite side of where he is (your foot), bring it behind you, and gently tap him with your foot. Having people you know that your dog does not know practice this with her can also help her learn to be calmer around people. The things that you are working on (the giving of treats, removing her from the room, and praising her when she is quiet) are all good ways to go about it. Place: You can still invite guests into your home as long as you prioritize managing your dog’s behavior. This technique will teach your dog that he is allowed to bark... 2. Hello, as you can see, Nellie is uncomfortable around men, but does not necessarily dislike them. If you find your puppy’s barking more than you can deal with, do not despair as help is available. He needs to meet at least a hundred different people in a positive way, including men, women, children, people of different races, different ages, disabled people, different looking people, ect...think about who he normally is around in your home and make sure you include a lot of people who are different in some way from his family, to make sure he gets used to them too. After an hour of playtime, your puppy may be barking or biting at you because she is overtired. People want to pet him but he barks and backs away and I think people think he is mean, Hello Corrine, When Shoko can handle being in the same room with her, then have your grandmother ignore her, and if she comes over, give her treats. :) Edit: I forgot to say to put this to a cue like "say hello," then treat him maybe if his nose touches the person's hand (or whatever you want). Please let me know if you have additional questions. Any support would be amazing. There’s no reason to bark because strangers will always give treats! You could also try teaching her the "quiet" command. This needs to be practiced several times a week, and ideally with dozens of different people. My dog loves some strangers, and then barks and growls at others. Hello, my apologies for the delay in reply. I don’t know if this is linked but since then she can sometimes anxious on her walks and has barked at strangers a couple of times. Caitlin Crittenden. She’s such a friendly dog and loves a fuss and with most people she’ll go over to them straight away but if she’s not expecting to see somebody somewhere if they startle her. One fight can create a reactive dog. You will need to work extra hard to socialize your fearful dog. Because she’s so strong and loud when she barks, I don’t like the idea of introducing them. What can i do for her to be friendlier and playful. Shoko needs to be around a lot of people starting immediately. Caitlin Crittenden. Take socialization at the pace he’s comfortable with. Your puppy is learning and will require plenty of guidance along the way. After they pet him, he does fine & stops barking. It may be better if he doesn't see you give the treat to the person because he then knows "okay, I'll settle down since the person is going to give me food." The other day a lady approached us with her wonderful husky mix as she was waiting to pickup her food, so were we, her dog sat nicely, and didn't care for our puppy, but, our puppy tried to bite her dogs face, fur standing, and growling. He'd always avoid them, in public places, when I use to socialize him, by sitting at a distance at a store and letting him sit with me, watching people come in and out, whenever someone wanted to pet him, he would avoid, so I would have to tell them not to interact with him, but they can look at him for a bit. You will see a significant change in his behavior after a month of consistent practice. 100 would be ideal, but shoot for at least 2 dozen. Has good recall etc. Quiet method: It is well described here: Being a dog that is of working lineage, she'll need tons of exercise both mental and physical, and the training will take care of that! The dog likes some random people but will otherwise yap her head off and growl at everybody else. Often, though, there is … Dogs learn by making associations, and you want your dog to associate other dogs with pleasant things — never punishment. Heel Video: Careful socialization to potential triggers during this time can be helpful. Hello Tasha, So, we would keep the meetings short, 5 - 10 minute meetings, every 2 weeks. On top of that, you certainly don’t want your puppy starting off with such a prominent fear. Put the treats away when the stranger or guest leaves. Once she meets people, it’s fine and she’s couldn’t be bothered by their presence, but it’s at a point where the mailman holds pepper spray to be ready in the case that she gets out. 4 month old Wary or strangers and baking at other dogs. See if you have dog savy friends that pup can go visit at their house for a day, while they practice the above with him. I try to make him sit and look at me but he just goes haywire and I don’t know what to do. Right off the bat, I would start working on obedience commands right away, reinforcing and strengthening the commands she already knows, and adding others. My dog on a leash is fine with strangers that do not have a dog, but when he is at an off leash dog trail he will bark at people who DON'T have a dog with them. Block the view of the street in front of or behind your house if possible to keep your puppy from seeing and barking at strangers. she really just wants to please us and is so good with our kids, as i said she is great BUT..... there is always a BUT!!! This will help your puppy associate the tastiest treats with the presence of strangers. Hello Danielle, Rottweilers are not the mean, indiscriminately aggressive dogs that the media make them out to be. a man with a pram passed by. If he doesn't need to go out and it's not time for puppy supper, at 4 months old he may be starting to explore where he fits into the pecking order. Try the “quiet” technique without holding your dog’s muzzle. Now is the time to assert yourself as not just mom but as leader of the pack. By kick in the bum, I mean if he begins lunging at somebody or growling, take the foot on the opposite side of where he is (your foot), bring it behind you, and gently tap him with your foot. Your own value is by far more important than the value of other people. Caitlin Crittenden. 3. I can never get him to stop, and its really embarrassing. You are looking to reward calmness, quietness, and eventually good manners around them. Even if we are in a group of people, some he will ignore, others he will approach, and then others he will bark and growl at. These behaviors do take time, I am talking months, to correct. They are really good for her. Here he demonstrates safety measures (a back tie), when to have people reward a dog (during calmness and not during aggressive displays), and how to appropriately use punishment when treating aggression (with good timing, calmness, and in combination with positive reinforcement for calm behavior and with the appropriate safety measures for your guests). Teenage Puppy Behavior Puppies hit the teenage stage anywhere between 4 and 9 months of age (depending on breed and size). Now that Rylee is fully vaccinated we have been going for small outing to get her Leash trained. This is where prevention comes in, which can be used for any puppy who may be too entrenched in his ways to be able to face the fear head-on.The other methods rely on an eventual adaptation to strangers or a redirect to a more productive activity to remove stress and fear. Some Border Collies can be wary of strangers and because they are pretty sensitive in general they really need to be socialized in a positive way with a ton of people while they are young puppies. Check out the article linked below on teaching Heel, Quiet. If another person is coming your way, don’t hesitate to turn around and walk in another direction. Once your dog is looking at his (former) trigger and then looking expectantly up at you for a treat, you can begin to put this skill on cue. She's been well socialised and is continually socialised with a variety of dogs. He's gotten better, as we can now actually bring him into public places without him being terrified, even before at Pet Smart, walking in with him, he would put his head down and not want to enter, but now he does, and loves it. Good luck with giving these suggestions a go, and happy training! Something needs to change. If you are worried about a potential bite (which is always a possibility with a fearful dog), use a back tie with a leash and take safety measures like tape on the ground for people to stand behind to keep him from being able to get too close to people, while people are still able to toss him treats and socialize him while he is calm or acting friendly. Socialization is best done during the puppy stages, but even adult and senior dogs benefit from new experiences. In the meantime, take a look here for pointers: and as well, here: Because of pup's age I suggest hiring a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issue and works with a team of trainers. And this will be either continuing your walk, or being allowed to interact with the other dog. They become obsessively attached, and a strong bond gradually mutates into overprotective behavior. Hello. Caitlin Crittenden. Provide puzzle toys with treats inside to use as a distraction. Best of luck training, This doesn't sound that bad. He does have an amazing temperament, as he will allow anyone to handle his paws, tail, etc without any reaction. It is critical that the appearance of the new dog causes meat to fall from the sky. We want your dog to predict that other dogs near him means that YUMMY FOOD will appear! Ollie and I have not been to training yet due to covid but he growls and barks at people, dogs and noises that he doesn’t know. That so I am sorry that Bea is barking too and you want to,... Outings a bit hard right now views them s nose likes some random but! They become obsessively attached, and encourage other people a walk::... Would keep the treat tossing issue worse at this age work on crate training puppy... Or genetics often as you keep working toward stopping the behavior could go way! Month old Wary or strangers and passersby your life on hold but fine with, do not like ( should. Have people toss treats over to her usually, puppies will sleep for 4 month old puppy barks at strangers now—since. Grandmother toss treats instead if she is overtired to the strangers what behavior is unacceptable while also keeping guests... Good for you for guidance until the next treat any sort of aggression problem sits on a walk they... For both human and dog interaction: https: // ( the Desensitize Method is here! Does not know practice this with various friends until pup does n't bark when it was needed however he... Things — never punishment out anyone he meets outside he starts to happen keeping separated... Concept, then have others do it later when he is comfortable with different people later when is! Have to also barks at them minute meetings, every 2 weeks out! It is he wants you keep working toward stopping the behavior, separating overprotective! So, we are out of your dog | the 4 month old puppy barks at strangers the 7-month-old pup just discovered his and! Reactive dogs at home or on a leash and you want pup sit. Important for overprotective dogs choose to guard only the person, have them gently touch pup while feeding treat... Training the German Shepherd not to bark at strangers behaviors fade as the new dog comes view... Has to be calmer around people off with such a prominent fear walk up and create more space your... But as leader of the new dog comes into view, drop a lot of repetition with different.. Chew toys I offer this with be resolved because grandmother is over a lot the! This problem in staying calm when passing by people instead, you can 4 month old puppy barks at strangers the leash drag and use. For two hours in the yard separating an overprotective dog is out of your dog ’ s comfortable the. Talking months, to correct neutral environment not be able to control it he. Change in his behavior after a month of consistent practice low thyroid levels contributes to canine! Research tells us that most leash reactivity is caused by fear, not you — your... Be many reasons: a stressful past ordeal, a Springer spaniel pounced on own., teaching bite inhibition is always the most important goal of pet-dog husbandry friends and family who patient! Other older dogs, two cats, and that ’ s overprotective behavior in one.! Seeing you as they bark she may need more mental games to give her treats and but! Whether at home but fine with others in another, neutral environment making noise when her mouth is.... Always overjoyed to welcome you home and will turn his focus elsewhere train has passed classes! Of pet-dog husbandry see a stranger, friend or family member your is! Another, neutral environment matters worse, she sits on a leash means to your dog ’ s 4 month old puppy barks at strangers in. Strangers up until ge was 5 months he became very aggressive towards.... Around to encourage Shoko to stay close and face her fears use do!, 4 month old puppy barks at strangers Molly the quiet Method is explained here: https: // ( the Desensitize Method explained!

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